_derivations: human-machine improvisations




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_derivations is a semi-autonomous software system designed to take part in live improvised encounters with instrumental musicians.

The system listens to the performance of its collaborators, using this information to make decisions about its own contribution to the unfolding musical dialogue.

The resulting interactions are often abstract, intricate and playful, and showcase the unique possibilities afforded by placing both human and machine on an equal footing in performance.

The six tracks collected here were each recorded in a single-take during improvisations with the software over the period 2011-2013.


released 15 February 2014


Alana Blackburn - tenor recorder
Evan Dorrian - drums
Joshua Hyde - alto saxophone
Antoine Läng - voice
Ben Carey - soprano and tenor saxophones

Mastering: Jos Smolders | Earlabs Studios, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Artwork: Zoé Nelson | Graphic Design: Holly Philip


Big thanks to all the performers who were willing to take a step into the unknown with this project, to Kirsty Beilharz for her thoughtful advice and guidance, and to Zoé Nelson, for her love, support and encouragement always.

For more info on the project, or to download the _derivations software: http://derivations.net